Creating a Sustainable Future Through Recycling, Innovation, and Community Engagement

Welcome to One Existence Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in San Bernardino County, CA, with a global reach and a local impact. Our mission is deeply rooted in creating positive change for both our environment and our communities. Through a multifaceted approach, we address the pressing issue of plastic waste while simultaneously improving access to affordable housing for families and communities, as well as raising awareness about responsible plastic usage.

Since 2019, our journey has transcended borders as we've formed impactful connections with communities and families in the Philippines. Through collaborative engagement with local residents, we've jointly crafted innovative solutions to combat plastic pollution. This international partnership underscores our commitment to making a significant global difference.

At the core of our initiatives lies innovative 3D printing technology, which empowers us to reimagine discarded plastic as a valuable resource. Our ambitious vision encompasses the transformation of plastic waste into affordable housing solutions, setting a trailblazing standard for sustainable living.

Driven by education, collaboration, and advocacy, we're steadfast in revealing the untapped potential within plastic materials. By embracing recycling and repurposing, we're reshaping the narrative surrounding plastic waste. Our expedition stretches from local neighborhoods to international communities, uniting us all in the shared pursuit of a greener, cleaner, and more equitable future.

We invite you to join us in our resolute mission to redefine the possibilities of plastic, create sustainable solutions, and foster transformative change that knows no bounds. Together, let's create a world where responsible practices illuminate the path toward lasting impact.